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Released January 28, 2014

Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man


Ladies, when you were born, God gave you a mind to think with and a heart to feel with. He gave you intuition to use as your personal crystal ball to see through truth and lies, as well as the good and bad in people. As you grew up, your minds and your intuition were either nurtured or stifled by events and people. If they were nurtured, they became more keen and aware. If they were stifled, they became dull and you tended not to trust them anymore. Our hearts were either well cared for and uplifted through loving connections and respect or broken by those who would look to decieve and hurt us. Too many broken hearts from lies and pain lead to lack of trust in self and others. This renders your natural instincts helpless and places you in danger. This breakdown leads to poor choices in men and relationships and lowers self esteem.

For too many of us, this is our truth. We have given up our power and are lost. We no longer trust our God given instincts or intuition to provide guidance. We have forgotten who we were created to be and what our purpose is. We wrote this book to remind you who you are and to get you to see your greatness again.

So why us, why now? Because it is time—it is time for some real girlfriend talk about the BS and about the state of our situation. The reason this book is relevant is because it is “straight talk, no chaser” (as Gena Pitts named it while discussing her article about the book in Pro-Sports Wives Magazine, December 2009) complete with dating revelations from women who look, think, and act like you; who have been through what you have been through and have decided enough is enough and that we can do better. No, we are not a man, so we don’t think like one, nor will we ever. We are emotional, strong, loving creators of this earth. Without us (women) nothing comes to life.

Our walk, hurt, and pain will look and feel exactly like what you have been through. Our recovery and change is something palpable. Something you can feel, believe, and perhaps have experienced.

If what you are currently doing, reading, and saying is working for you, great! Keep doing it. If not, and you want to see a moving picture of relationship lessons from women as well as hear men’s comments and witness revolutionary advice that will work if you use it, then turn the page and let’s get this change started. As Brahma the king of the gods so eloquently stated to Siddhartha the enlightened one, “some of us perhaps have only a little dirt in our eyes and could awaken if we only heard this story. Let’s awaken together. “

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