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Thanks so much for visiting our website! Here you will find excerpts from our book, the Table of Contents, and the list of our Endorsers. This book represents a fresh and revolutionary change in women’s empowerment as it relates to dating and relationships. Ladies check out the above video, and see why its high time we take our power back, establish some real standards and start dating like the smart women we are using the mind and gifts we posses. While our book is a retort to a very popular book, it is moreso a fresh look at the issues from our own raw, real and funny views. Mr. Harvey's books have their place from a man’s perspective, but he cannot tell us what it like to date as a woman or what works best for us. Our book delivers the message in illustrative detail. The first hand stories, interviews and self incrimination's here will help you to see why change is required. We shed a different light on dating, marriage and love from an inter-generational female perspective. This book is sure to make you laugh, cause you to think twice and pay attention the next time you meet the "one".

We are not gurus, just real women who have walked miles in your shoes and who got tired of making the same mistakes in dating and learned how to date where everyone wins, not just the guy.

Shanae & Rhonda

Shanton Council “SC” Amazon review: “First of all, I couldn’t put this book down. I have been reading a lot of self help books since my divorce-AND THIS ONE TOOK THE CAKE!! Shanae Hall and Mother Rhonda Frost keep it REAL and that’s what I like. I like the stories and examples of how other women have either been throuh the same things all of us has experienced or worse. She is NOT putting Steve Harvey books down, she is just expressing herself through a woman's point of view. Steve Harvey is not a Woman and he can’t tell it from our point of view.These ladies dont have all the answers and they dont claim to. They give you a little wisdom from the things they have experienced and there friends and interviews with men. We have something in us that GOD gave all WOMEN and that’s INTUITION- AND WE NEED TO USE IT. THIS IS A GREAT BOOK- THEY DO WELL AT KEEPING IT REAL- I READ IT IN 2 DAYS. YOU WONT REGRET BUYING THIS ONE!!”

Mary Harvey Endorses"Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?"

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"This book represents a trueness that is hope. This book is an outline of the progress
that we have to make as women. Shanae & Rhonda encourage us to think as women &
to think for ourselves."
Mary L. Harvey
(Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife)


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